Welcome to a new version of Fresh Approach Web. After not blogging for what must be a couple of years now, I decided perhaps it was time to get some more posts out there. Hence a fresh look to the website.

The 2019 theme

I wanted this site to be really straightforward to build and I also wanted to test out the basic WordPress theme 2019 which is the one that has just come out with the new Gutenberg or ‘blocks’ editor.

There are so many WordPress themes available these days from the free to really expensive customised themes and so much in between. However if you have a problem with your site it is always useful to be able to go back to one of the themes that WordPress themselves provided with the core software. If your site runs OK on a core WP theme then you know that it is something in your customised theme that is throwing up an issue to check out.

So this site is written in just the plain 2019 theme with no extras and barely a plugin to its name. And so far I have to say and I am fairly impressed.


And then of course there is the new editor. A whole new way of working with WordPress which has been coming for several years and has finally made it onto our desktops.

So far I like it and I think there will be a lot more good things to come. The look is clean and it makes it easy to create your content. You can save blocks of content for use elsewhere on the site or even on other WordPress sites that you are running. And there are content block plugins coming along too which look very exciting. So there is plenty to explore.

Don’t be dismayed at the changes. I think you will get used to them very quickly. I have just found a very good introductory article to the new blocks in WordPress over on WPBeginner. So if you are feeling a little nervous about the update or just want to know more about the block system (I certainly learnt a thing or two) hop over to the following page:


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